5 Winter Lawn Care Tips

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Winter Lawn Care


With the winter looming around, you should have your gardening tools ready to ensure that your house is met with a lush green lawn in the coming spring.

Contrary to popular opinion, it is essential for you to prepare your lawn and care for it in the winter. After all, winters can be unpredictable and put your lawn through some extreme conditions. Without beating about the bush, here are some helpful winter lawn care tips that can help your lawn flourish.

The importance of aeration

In the simplest of terms, aeration is basically a process of opening up the soil. This process is usually done to create a better environment for the roots of the grasses. Your lawn will fare the blistering cold much better when it is aerated while it is still green. Opening up the soil has various benefits. Doing so can allow water and numerous different nutrients to reach the roots easily, allowing your lawn to regain its vitality faster in spring.

Winter lawn fertilizer

A fertilizer can be deemed the grass´s most essential food source. Hence, if you want your lawn to survive the wintery conditions, you should supply it with its food source. Now, you shouldn´t aimlessly throw fertilizer on the ground. You should understand that how you spread the fertilizer impacts the performance of the fertilizer. Hence, you should apply the fertilizer with a spreader.

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Clean your lawn

We can´t stress enough on the importance of cleaning your lawn regularly. You should get rid of the debris, leaves, or toys out on the lawn; these things can kill or seriously stunt your grass. They are capable of not only smothering the grass and creating a suitable environment for diseases to thrive but are also well-capable of inviting mice, insects, and other destructive pests. You should also discourage people from walking across the grass for the very same reason. As the season progresses, you should continue to get rid of the fallen leaves and branches.

Raking and watering

You should also rake your lawn to clean the bottom and separate the soil parts so that the “cold weather” seeds can mix in it smoothly. After that, you should water the grass using a sprayer. You should then keep the soil wet and not allow it to dry.

Get your lawn mower ready for spring

Winter is the best season to fix or tune up your grass mower since you can take your time to get the mower in top shape before putting it to work in a summer season.

Here is a list of problems you probably have to face:

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