Why Is A Tree Losing Its Leaves?

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Tree Without Leaves


We revisit autumn every year. Over the course of the season, we bear witness to tree leaves wilting, turning yellow-brown, and detaching. But why it happens during the summer?

Have you ever wondered why some trees tend to shed their leaves during early fall or even late summer? Could there be some underlying problems? Could there be something wrong with your oak or maple tree´s health? Many tree owners face such concerns. Hence, we have taken it upon ourselves to help you understand better.  By the way, if your tree is losing its bark – it might be a bigger problem. Stay alert.

Why is my tree losing leaves in the summer?

Water Stress

A tree´s moisture level should be maintained properly as it is vital for its health. Inadequate water and excessive water can be detrimental to a tree´s health and thus, cause leaf loss. Hence, it is essential for you to plan an appropriate watering regimen to ensure the vitality of your tree.

Dry Tree
Water Stress

The growth of excessive leaves

In some cases, trees can possibly grow more leaves than they can support. In such cases, they tend to shed the extra leaves in a bid to conserve water during dry and hot weather conditions.

Compacted soil

Heavy vehicular, machinery or foot traffic can play an atrocious role in compacting the soil, which inhibits the water infiltration. This can prevent the tree from getting the water it requires to survive and thus, lead to leaf loss. To increase water infiltration, you can use a slow drip irrigation method around the tree´s root system. Basically, you should proceed to aerate the soil and incorporate organic matter. Doing so can help restore the health of the tree.

Dry Soil
Compacted Soil

Cut-throat competition

If other trees, grass, and shrubs compete with a tree for water, your tree will not get sufficient water. Hence, you should attempt to reduce the competition around your tree by getting rid of the competing vegetation.

Disruption of the vascular system

The vascular system of the tree plays an instrumental role in transporting water from the soil to the leaves, trunk, roots, and branches. If there is a disruption in the vascular system, the tree will not be able to receive water sufficiently. Now, a disruption in the vascular system of the tree can be caused by a vascular wilt disease or a physical injury. Physical injury to the tree can include branch severing, bark removal, root severing etc., and is in most cases inflicted by heavy storms, animals, insects, or humans.

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