Lawn Fertilizing

When to Fertilize Your Lawn?

Do you know that a healthy, green lawn can substantially increase the overall value of your property value by 15% to 20%?

Now, if you want to keep your lawn healthy, it is imperative for you to know when to fertilize it. Fertilizing your lawn on a uniform schedule will have the pesky weeds running for the hills. There are numerous advantages of fertilizing your lawn. Doing so provides your lawn with the nutrients it requires to withstand the harsh stresses of heat, drought, weeds, and family activity. The fertilizing lawn is not as challenging as it sounds.


Facts about fertilizing

You should understand that a fertilizer is the grass´s most important food source and that it is impossible for grass to simply thrive on water alone. Your grass can get necessary nutrients such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen from air and water. However, your lawn also requires nitrogen to thrive and it can only get that essential ingredient from fertilizers.

Fertilizing not only plays a major role in determining the appearance of your lawn, but it also plays an equally instrumental role in affecting the maintenance schedule of your lawn. Basically, the more you fertilize, the more you´ll have to mow. Now, ideally speaking, you would want to hit the sweet spot where you are maintaining a green, healthy lawn without having to spend every couple of days outside mowing it.

It is ill-advised for you to aimlessly throw fertilizer on the ground. You should understand that how you spread the fertilizer impacts the performance of the fertilizer. Thankfully, there isn’t a dearth of useful tools that can help you spread the fertilizer evenly throughout the lawn.


when to fertilize lawn
Manual fertilizing of the lawn in a backyard in spring time


When to fertilize lawn?

When to fertilize grass in the fall, summer, and spring? Follow this schedule!

To be on the safe side, we would recommend fertilizing your lawn at least 6 times a year.

The first application of the fertilizer can be ideally performed in late March or early April when the soil temperature is around 55 degrees Fahrenheit. You should fertilize your lawn when you see it turning green from the winter. After that, you can apply the fertilizer for the second time in the middle of May. For the third application, you need to wait until early June. You can then apply the fertilizer for the fourth time in the middle of August. The fifth application of the fertilizer should be done in September. Finally, you should apply the fertilizer again in October.

! You should know that the best time of day to fertilize a lawn is in the late afternoon or early evening.

Download this free Bermuda lawn management calendar for Texas.



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