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We Offer Superior and Professional Yet Affordable Tree Service in Lakewood, Washington

Even if you may not like to, there will come a time when you will need a tree service in Lakewood, Washington such as when you have to decide to cut the whole tree down. In the long years we have been in this business, we have learned to cut down problematic trees in the most efficient techniques possible. Looking for expert tree care? You can find top quality services for affordable pricing when you call our tree company. When trees start to rot and die, they become threats to people and properties.

Your Home and Property Are Secured With Our Tree Removal Service in Lakewood, Washington

A tree may still look lovely from a distance even if it’s rotting from the inside. You may have no idea which branches are rotting, and which branches are in danger of falling off especially if there are no tell-tale signs. You really have to hunker down and inspect closely the trunk, bark, roots and twigs to find some red flags that will tell you if it’s time to cut down the whole tree. When we exit your property, we guarantee that all your tree problems won’t ever come back. A visual check can give you an idea when to call for tree removal services. If over 50% of the tree is already rotting and dry, it’s probably a good idea to contact our experts at Chop Doc immediately.

The Telltale Signs That Justify Tree Services

Tree removal or tree trimming can be highly hazardous when done by non-professionals. We also suggest including root barriers to keep roots from becoming an issue. Of course, if you are already facing these issues, you can count on our professionals to help. Some people may dismiss our work as nothing more than chopping down a tree, but there’s actually a lot that goes into the task. But what are the signs that will tell you that a tree needs to be removed? We take all necessary precautions during your tree trimming and tree removal services. We will make a recommendation as to whether we should cut the tree down or just trim down the branches. Call us to learn more about our licenses and insurance!

We Provide Solutions Through Our Efficient Tree Services in Lakewood, Washington

Our tree trimming and tree removal experts at Chop Doc are here to help. If the branches sit closely to the power lines, or if a colony of bees attached itself to the tree, or the thick branches hang precariously on top of the roof—these take specialized techniques and modern equipment to make it safe for everyone, our personnel included. The roots are the usual suspect of tree-related damages. Tree roots can cause catastrophic problems. We also offer tree removal services for circumstances in which tree roots or branches pose a major threat to your property.


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We invested a lot of money buying the latest tools of the trade, and trained our workforce to keep them abreast of the latest development in the industry to be able to deliver unmatched tree services in Lakewood, Washington. We competitively price our services, bringing affordability without skipping out on quality. When we go to the actual cutting itself, three quarters of the job have already been completed. We very well know how to protect ourselves in doing their job, and this does not affect our pricing. We keep our rates affordable, and our services of high quality. That might seem bad business to some, but we have our brand to preserve. We focus on offering prices which provide the best value for our services.

Before we cut even a small branch, we make sure that the tree service in Lakewood, Washington that we’re about to do would not cause harm to you and the community. From the moment we arrive, we consider the lay of the land, the location of the tree in relation to your house or building, the risks to the power lines, the roots that snake underneath your property, and even the type of soil you have which is material to the task at hand. When you call on our experts, we’ll evaluate the tree and surrounding areas. If we think that pruning the branches or just raising the crown will address the problem, then we certainly make that recommendation. It’s up to you, the homeowner, of course. We have safe and efficient tree removal techniques to avoid accidents and damage to property. Each tree is different, so we suggest giving our experts a call to better assess your situation.

Don’t Put Off the Problem For Another Day; Contact Our Tree Service in Lakewood, Washington Now

We will respond quickly to your call, and we will be there in full force to ensure the safety of your home and property. That tree could suddenly collapse without warning on your home and property, leaving you with lots of sorrowful regrets. We’re here 24/7 to take your call. We are here to help with the best services for emergencies and routine care as well. Call us today to get started!


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