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You may have no idea which branches are rotting, and which branches are in danger of falling off especially if there are no tell-tale signs. A tree may still look lovely from a distance even if it’s rotting from the inside. When we exit your property, we guarantee that all your tree problems won’t ever come back. Call ChopDoc to assess your tree removal needs in Murphy, TX Make no mistake—we fully recognize the importance of these trees to our environment.

Be assured that the safety of your family and neighbors would be foremost in arriving at a decision. If you see two or three red flags, it’s time to contact us through +1 (972) 449 1522 for tree removal or tree trimming in Murphy, Texas.

Our edge is that we don’t just send over manual labor to your house. We will make a recommendation as to whether we should cut the tree down or just trim down the branches. Look out for the tell-tale signs of tree decay: vertical cracks on the trunk, depressed portions, rotting branches, sprouts and large fungus growing at the base of the tree, damaged roots, and leaning tree. Our resident arborists or tree experts will be there to give advice on the best course of action to take.

Regardless of the difficulty and hazards in tree removal or tree trimming, we can still offer tree services at affordable prices in Murphy. We will make sure that you will still pay an affordable price for our removal or trimming services in Murphy, Texas. It could be near power lines. We have invested in the most modern equipment and hired the best arborists to give the best possible service to our clients.

We haven’t recorded a single incident where an injury was caused in the course of cutting down a tree or trimming down a branch. That’s because more than half of our tree services involves a lot of preparation, inspection and investigation. We don’t even factor in the computation in the risks that our workers face when cutting and pruning branches because we think that’s par for the course. We will explain not just the why, but also the how. No tree is too tall and no tree poses too much problems for our expert workers.

We have safe and efficient tree removal techniques to avoid accidents and damage to property. The growth indicates that the tree is already rotting inside. If the tree is already tilting, it could signify breakdown but it could also be a sign that your soil is soft. Other tree service companies may proceed with cutting trees just to get the job done without taking pains to ensure that no harm would befall people and their property.

From the moment we arrive, we consider the lay of the land, the location of the tree in relation to your house or building, the risks to the power lines, the roots that snake underneath your property, and even the type of soil you have which is material to the task at hand. We do not cut or uproot trees without first making a thorough assessment of the prevailing conditions in your area.

Never gamble with the life of your family because the stakes are so high. Your family’s safety is in your hands. Allow us to do a tree removal or tree trimming services for you in Murphy.

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