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The problem is most of us don’t really know how to make an accurate judgment on whether or not the tree is broken down or dying. They all look the same from a distance, right? As they always say, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Let us at Chop Doc take care of your tree service needs in Melissa and give you peace of mind. As they say, the devil is in the details. You really have to hunker down and inspect closely the trunk, bark, roots and twigs to find some red flags that will tell you if it’s time to cut down the whole tree.

As long as we see that it can be saved or it doesn’t really pose any danger to people and property, we generally recommend leaving the tree alone. If there is a tree near your home or within your property that has been uprooted, even partially, you need to have that tree removed before it can damage your home and hurt the people inside and those passing by the area.

We have certified Melissa, TX arborists or tree experts who can tell you what’s wrong with your tree and recommend measures to address the problem. Various complications could arise in the process of removing or pruning down a tree. Others may take their name for granted but we’ve established a reputation over the years, and we take all that skill, knowledge and professionalism with every project that comes our way. If a tree near your home shows these danger signs, you may call us at +1 (972) 449 1522 for our tree trimming or tree removal services.

There may be other tree service companies in Melissa, Texas, but we assure you that no other tree service providers out there can match our professionalism, competence, and the quality of tree removal and tree trimming services we provide. But when the problem is already staring you in the face, you call us. Various problematic complications could arise in removing trees. We are prepared and could handle all these complications. For instance, the tree that needs to be cut or pruned is near buildings. We will give the best recommendations when a tree is a very tall one, or over 20 feet in height.

Our entire workforce consists of highly trained and well-experience workers who know all the intricate details of their tree services in Melissa, Texas. We very well know how to protect ourselves in doing their job, and this does not affect our pricing. They always get the job done. By the time we leave your property, you will have a newfound appreciation of what our skilled personnel do. For instance, a dying tree that needs to be trimmed may be under power lines.

Before we cut even a small branch, we make sure that the tree service in Melissa that we’re about to do would not cause harm to you and the community. That tree near your home may, at first glance, still look sturdy enough despite all the signs showing damage and internal problems. But don’t let appearance deceive you. There are trees that release allergens or pollens into the air, and they will also be considered in how we cut down trunk or trim the branches. No detail is deemed too small for us in the performance of our duty.

For instance, just break off a part of a branch or twig and inspect what’s inside. If the color is dry and dark, then you might have a dying tree on your property.

  • Are the branches bare when the tree should have been blooming?
  • Are the leaves dry and brittle?

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What could have been a small problem might escalate into something bigger. Our arborists are on hand to recommend the best course of action for your situation. Call our Melissa tree removal and tree trimming services now and let us take your trouble off of you.

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