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Chop Doc can assure you that we can provide the needed tree service in Austin, TX to whatever problems you may have with trees near your home or property or office building. Are you at the end of your ropes when it comes to your tree problem? You’ve been cutting and pruning and yet the problem comes back again and again? It’s time to call in a professional.

Your Home and Property Are Secured With Our Tree Removal Service in Austin, Texas

When it’s a choice between a tree and the safety of your family, then it’s a no contest. You will need our tree removal services here at if you want to get rid of unwanted trees in Austin, TX. Apart from the important role they play in the circle of life, they also add aesthetics to any place. Make no mistake—we fully recognize the importance of these trees to our environment. The problem is most of us don’t really know how to make an accurate judgment on whether or not the tree is broken down or dying. They all look the same from a distance, right?

The Telltale Signs That Justify Tree Removal Or Tree Trimming in Austin, TX

Our licensed and certified Austin, Texas arborists or tree experts here at will have to study first the conditions of the tree and the area where it is standing before proceeding with tree removal or trimming. We will make sure that no harm will befall people and properties. We stake our name in every tree removal, pruning, cutting or tree trimming project.

Uprooting tree could inadvertently create a large sinkhole on the ground, endangering people. Look out for the tell-tale signs of tree decay: vertical cracks on the trunk, depressed portions, rotting branches, sprouts and large fungus growing at the base of the tree, damaged roots, and leaning tree. We will make a recommendation as to whether we should cut the tree down or just trim down the branches.

The Hazards of the Job Do Not Stop Us from Offering The Most Reliable Tree Services in Austin, TX

There may be other tree service companies in Austin, but we assure you that no other tree service providers out there can match our professionalism, competence, and the quality of tree removal and tree trimming services we provide. But when the problem is already staring you in the face, you Call Us +1 (512) 975 3230. If the branches sit closely to the power lines, or if a colony of bees attached itself to the tree, or the thick branches hang precariously on top of the roof—these take specialized techniques and modern equipment to make it safe for everyone, our personnel included. We are your best option, and no one else comes close.



Call Us & Solve Your Tree Problems!     +1 512 975 3230



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Our Licensed Arborists and Tree Experts in Austin, TX Will Help You With Your Tree Problems

Our entire workforce consists of highly trained and well-experience workers who know all the intricate details of their tree services in Austin, TX. When we go to the actual cutting itself, three quarters of the job have already been completed. We very well know how to protect ourselves in doing their job, and this does not affect our pricing. Our price may depend on the height of the tree, the extent of removal or trimming services, and some other factors. We don’t even factor in the computation in the risks that our workers face when cutting and pruning branches because we think that’s par for the course.

We Assure Your Safety and Peace of Mind With Our Tree Service Professionals in Austin, TX

With our comprehensive tree service in Austin, Texas, we can quickly act to prevent tragedies from happening. In doing our job, our prime consideration at all times is to ensure the safety of your family and property as well as your neighborhood. When we accept the task, we already entered into a contract to keep the tree or trees from ever be a danger to your family and property. This is why we take our jobs seriously. We have safe and efficient tree removal techniques to avoid accidents and damage to property. If we think that pruning the branches or just raising the crown will address the problem, then we certainly make that recommendation. It’s up to you, the homeowner, of course.

Don’t Put Off the Problem For Another Day; Contact Our Tree Service in Austin, TX Now

That tree could suddenly collapse without warning on your home and property, leaving you with lots of sorrowful regrets. Call Us +1 (512)-975-3230 right away to give yourself peace of mind. A dead tree will cause more trouble than it’s worth if you delay the inevitable. Allow us to do Austin, tree removal or tree trimming services for you. Give us a call anytime if you have trees near your home or office that are giving you problems.


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