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Tree Trimming & Pruning

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Tree Trimming & Pruning

Why do Trees Need Pruning and Trimming? tree trimming services

Pruning and Trimming

There are three reasons why trees need to be pruned and trimmed: beauty, health and safety.

• Beauty – To help a tree keep its proper shape and look, pruning is needed. Refrain from doing unnatural shapes that may cause damage to the tree’s growth.
• Health – One may be able to save an infected tree if it is properly pruned. You can thin the crown of the tree to aid in better airflow, and any branches that rub or cross each other should be trimmed to prevent them from decaying and breaking off.
• Safety – it’s always a potential danger when a tree has died or broken branches that could fall at any moment. Any branches preventing you from seeing properly while driving should be trimmed back. Also, if there are branches dangerously close to utility poles and lines, you may want to call your local utility company to take care of trimming the trees.

General Tree Trimming Tips

• After you prune, the optimum living crown to tree ratio is two-thirds.

• Take into consideration the branch size before trimming. Branches that are 5 centimetres in diameter and less can be removed with ease. However, you may want to reconsider branches that are above 5 centimeters—especially if they are bigger than 10 centimetres. Anything bigger than 10 centimetres should not be touched unless it poses a danger.

• Don’t remove branch collars or leave branch stubs after trimming.

• Branches shaped like a ”V” and are weak need pruning. Healthy branches that are shaped like a ”U” need no trimming.

• If a lateral branch is not between ½ and ¾ the stem’s diameter at the point of attachment, trim it.

• Scarring is less noticeable and maintenance is easily done when pruning young branches.

• It is recommended to always prune trees during the dormant season unless the tree poses an immediate danger.

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Tree Pruning Tips

These recommendations are for thinning the tree’s crown:

Methods for Tree Trimming

Consider these methods when trimming trees:

A Final Note

Your landscape will appreciate the pruning and trimming of your trees. The trees will be much healthier since you are maintaining them and keeping dead and broken limbs off them. The cost to trim depends on whether you choose to hire someone or do it yourself.