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Things to Consider

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Stump Grinding and Stump Grinders Services: Things to Consider

  • No one likes the look of an unsightly stump being left behind after a tree is removed. It makes the property look tacky, and you have to go around it to mow the lawn. There are two choices available when wanting to get stomps removed from your yard. You can hire a professional to remove the stump, or you can choose to do the task yourself by renting a stump. Your investment in stump grinding will be determined by your personal and professional needs. stump grinder servicesFor example, those who need occasional stump removals will find it wiser and cheaper to just rent a stump grinder for one day. But, if you have a lot of stumps (or one large stump) to remove, it would be better to hire the services of a professional for one day. Those who remove stumps for a living will find it more beneficial to buy a stump grinder. The following information will help those who are weighing the decision on how to get stumps removed from their property.

Counting the Cost of Stump Grinding

stump grinder services

Stump Grinders: To Rent or Buy

For those who consider themselves DIY’ers, you will probably want to rent your own stump grinder or invest in buying one. If you know you won’t have to do this but one time, then renting a grinder for the day is the best way to go. But if you are one who does this often, then you need to consider purchasing your own grinder. Before you make your decision to rent or buy, it is wise to consider the cost of each option—especially if you are planning on doing this as a business. A professional stump grinding service will want to invest in a grinder that will more than pay for itself.

If you are willing to pay between $150 – $200 per day to rent a stump grinder, then you will do like most homeowners do and take this option. If you are doing this as a business, then you will want to purchase one so you can do frequent work, or you can hire someone else as a sub-contractor to do your stump grinding jobs.

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The Decision to Buy a Stump Grinder

  • When a homeowner just wants to use a stump grinder to remove an unsightly stump from their yard, they are not concerned about premium features on the grinder. They just want a tool that will take care of the stump. However, those wishing to invest in purchasing a grinder will want a grinder that has features appealing to their needs.

Here are some features worth noting when investing in a stump grinding machine:

  • Horsepower – You want to get the most horsepower for your money because a grinder with great horsepower will greatly shorten the time needed to remove a stump.
  • Cutter Disk – A Carbide cutter disk (also called a cutter wheel) is highly recommended for stump grinding machines. A grinder in good condition should have very sharp teeth and no appearance of being worn down.
  • Size – a slender model is best for mobility and will allow you to reach tight spots without wearing yourself out.
  • Weight – No one wants to wield a heavy grinder. So, a brand that is lightweight and slender will be ideal for multiple uses. If you get a heavy one, you will also have to invest in equipment to carry it around.
  • Depth – A minimum of 20 inches below grade should be your aim for how far down your tree stump grinder grinds. The objective is to have a smooth yard with no bumps in the way.

Hiring a Stump Grinding Service

Your choice in stump grinding services should be one that is carefully researched. That means, you shouldn’t just pick the first service you come across without doing any research on their prices. So, shop around and look at the prices of various companies to see which one fits your budget and provides the service you need. The following are some tidbits to consider when hiring a professional to remove your stumps:

Hourly rates are often provided when the project covers a vast expanse of land. You will have to do some research to find out which service has the best rate for larger projects.

Discounts are often offered when your project requires the removal of two or more stumps, but you won’t know unless you ask about discount offers.

Check to see if the cost of removing the wood chips after the stump is ground is included in the price. Also, see if there is an extra cost for mileage if the company charges for having to travel a certain distance to get to you.

Regardless of if you buy a grinder, rent one or hire a grinding service, you will have to do some research to get the most for your money.