Tree Planting Tips You Don`t Know

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Tree Planting


Having trees in your vicinity has numerous benefits. Not only do they produce the air we need to live, but they also offer food sources for various species to survive. In addition to that, they also control erosion and stormwater runoff. Contrary to popular opinion, it isn´t easy to grow a tree. A tree needs careful protection and supervision during its initial growth stages. Without beating about the bush, here are some tree planting tips to help you plant trees the right way.


Pay attention to the location


Are you aware of the fact that different trees have different preferences for the amount of water, light, and other resources they require to grow and survive? Hence, it is essential for you to choose your site with careful consideration. You need to research what your chosen tree requires to grow. Only then will you be able to provide your tree with the resources it requires to thrive. In addition to that, you should also ensure that your tree has enough space to grow and that it is planted far away from obstructions such as buildings and power lines.


Determining the best time to plant trees


We also highly believe that it is imperative for you to determine the ideal time to plant trees. If you live in the States, the ideal time to plant trees is in the month of April and May. You can also opt to plant the trees in September or October. When you plant trees in the spring or fall, you give the trees the opportunity to establish themselves and be better prepared when the temperature goes down in the winter and when the soil is moist. During the initial months, it is important for you to water your tree regularly and also protect it.


How to care for new trees?


If you want to improve your tree´s chances of surviving and thriving, we would highly recommend you to use mulch around the base of the tree. Not only can mulch help in water retention, but it can also play an instrumental role in protecting a new tree from harsh weather conditions. In addition to that, mulch can also prevent other plants or trees from outcompeting your tree for resources. The general rule of mulching implies that you need to put around 3-foot diameter of mulch 3 inches deep and 3 inches out from the base of the trunk.


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