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Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Bayer advanced tree and shrub


Hi guys! My name is Paul Robinson and here is my customer review on Bayer Advanced 701525 12 Month Tree and Shrub Insect Control Landscape Formula Concentrate.

I`ve bought it on Amazon (136$ for one Gallon). All we needed was to kill emerald ash borers and my only regret is that we waited too long to start since the tree was already dead. Best product among insect killers ever!

The Bayer Advanced (12 months tree and shrub protect) is a fairly useful and effective product. We like the product because it performs exactly as advertised. It is designed with a unique patented formula and is well-capable of killing numerous pests and insects and preventing new infestations for up to 12 months. In addition to that, we also like the fact that the product provides slow-release fertilizer. Therefore, this product is not only capable of killing several insects and pests, but it also feeds your tree.

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What does it do and why should you get this product?

As we mentioned earlier, it works exactly as marketed and is capable of killing annoying pests such as borers, aphids, Japanese beetles, whiteflies, leaf miners, scale, and adelgids etc. This product not only kills pests, but it also feeds your tree. We also like the fact that no rain or moisture is capable of washing off this internal protection

This product is extremely easy to use as well. Basically, you will first need to measure the height of the shrub or the distance around the tree trunk. Then, you will need to measure and pour the recommended amount of product into a bucket of water. After mixing the solution, you can then pour it around the base of the tree or shrub. And, that´s it!
If you aren’t aware of how much product you need to use, here´s a guide to help you.

  • Trees: 1 oz. for every inch of distance around trunk
  • Shrubs: 3 oz. for every foot of height
  • Containerized Plants: 1 2/3 tablespoons for each five-gallon container

How to use Bayer Advanced 701525 12 Month Tree and Shrub Insect Control Landscape Formula Concentrate? Look this old but still very relevant video by our friend Alaska Mill and Feed Garden Center. 

Are there any drawbacks to using this product?

Regrettably, it does take the product a fair amount of time to work its magic. After all, it is a systemic insecticide. It takes time for the plant to absorb it through the root system. However, after the plants and trees have absorbed it, you can be assured that you will not have your leaves eaten again.

Now, we believe that one of the biggest drawbacks of this product is undoubtedly its pricing. It is not cheap, but then again, things that work rarely are. If you want results, you simply have to pay for it. This particular product only adds to the glowing reputation of the Bayer brand.

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