Morning Wins as Best Time to Water Plants in Summer

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Watering Plants


Most people walk their dog, prepare their lunch and make their bed as part of their morning schedule. But what about watering your trees?

The following information will allow you to take a break from the normal chaos of the day to consider the beauty and peace of your trees. Trees provide a place of serenity in most people’s lives—especially when you are tending to them while watering them. How about making this a part of your morning schedule? You’ll be glad if you do, and so will your trees.

The morning is the ideal time of the day to water your plants, and it is also the perfect time for you because it alleviates tension and stress and prepares you for the day.

– When is the best time to water your plants?

– Again, morning is the ideal time to get all your plants watered!

And here’s why it’s not a good idea to have your plants watered at night…

Watering Plants in the Summer

Morning Watering vs Watering at Night

We all know that thirst-quenching feeling we get when we drink a glass of water in the morning. Well, just imagine how nourishing it is to your plants and trees when you water them in the morning!

Why plants love being watered in the morning?

1. The water can soak into the soil to reach the roots, which will keep the heat from evaporating it.
2. Because the water gets a chance to soak in and reach the roots, the plants have a steady supply of water throughout the day.
3. The excess water gets a chance to dry off before night and decreases the chances of developing fungus.

Why plant should not be watering at night? 

You still may be wondering, is it really that bad of a thing to water your plants and trees at night?

When you water your plants at night, the leaves tend to remain wet for a while since the sun’s heat is not available to evaporate the excess water.

This makes the environment favourable for a fungus to accumulate on your plants because of the extended period of remaining damp.

You should make it a point not to wait after the sun goes down to water your plants — especially if you live in a humid environment. Watering at night only increases the odds of your plants getting infected with fungus.

So, our suggestion is to try to water your plants and trees in the morning time. When it’s hot outside, your plants and trees will appreciate you watering them in the morning. If that time of day is not feasible for you, at least try to get them soaked by late afternoon. watering plants in summer

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