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The problem is most of us don’t really know how to make an accurate judgment on whether or not the tree is broken down or dying. They all look the same from a distance, right? A tree’s misleading beauty can turn into tragedy when its branches, or the entire tree itself, come crashing into your home. There are often many hazards associated with tree trimming and removal. When we exit your property, we guarantee that all your tree problems won’t ever come back. The main objective of tree removal services is to minimize, if not eliminate, the damage to your yard or home. At Chop Doc, we take the best route for the success of your project.

If there are large trees with roots snaking their way into your home, or trees with branches that hang on your roof, you definitely need our professional tree trimming and tree removal services before they cause further damage. Not all very old and dying trees need to be removed or trimmed. Dead trees can still serve a purpose like being a place for birds to find food and build nests. Some people may dismiss our work as nothing more than chopping down a tree, but there’s actually a lot that goes into the task. We carry all necessary insurances for our company and employees.

Look out for the tell-tale signs of tree decay: vertical cracks on the trunk, depressed portions, rotting branches, sprouts and large fungus growing at the base of the tree, damaged roots, and leaning tree. There are some precautions our experts recommend to help curtail the likelihood of tree-related damages. First, we suggest planting your tree further away from your home’s foundation. You do not want to plant a tree right alongside the foundation, or its roots may grow underneath your property.

For years, we at Chop Doc have been providing excellent tree removal, tree trimming and other tree services in Newton. About 80 people die each year in tree-related accidents. This is our business, but it’s also our calling. We want to make sure families and their properties are safe and sound. Roots can and do grow in any pattern they like, bursting pipes, destroying foundations, and even damaging roadways. Our experts at Chop Doc know how to safely and effectively address your tree-related issues.

We will spare no effort in making sure that our tree services in Newton, Massachusetts will not in any cause harm to you and the community you live in. Our rates are fixed for pruning, removing, and securing trees. Do not worry—we are not going to pass off all our expenses to you by commanding a large fee. No tree is too tall and no tree poses too much problems for our expert workers. We focus on offering prices which provide the best value for our services. Your Safety is the Priority of our professionals in Newton, Massachusetts

Our professionals at Chop Doc are here to help provide unparalleled services. At our company, we are committed to saving trees whenever possible. We have different ways of ensuring that sawed-off branches would not crash into your roof or some other people’s property. When we accept the task, we already entered into a contract to keep trees from ever be a danger to your family and property. This is why we take our jobs seriously. Our experts will only perform the necessary services which are approved by you. Each case is different, so we suggest giving our experts a call to better assess your situation.

Anytime is a good time to call our team at Chop Doc. Our experts are here to offer tree removal, tree trimming, and many other services. You can call our Newton experts anytime of the day, seven days a week.

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