Forest Tree Planting: How to Plant Forest Trees?

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Forest Planting


…At the point of seedlings, it is advisable to keep the seedling roots secured and clammy. It is a good decision if you start planting at the earliest stage.

To store for about 14 days or less

  • Keep the parcels in a cool, preferably at a shaded place.
  • Segregate the bales (to abstain from overheating and deformation).
  • Empty cool water beyond all visibly open end of the bales regularly enough to keep newly sprouting seedling roots damp.
  • Try not to store trees in water since roots might be harmed.
  • Shield from a serious cold.
Figure 1
Figure 1

To store for over about 14 days

  • You have an option either to hold bales in cool stockpiling at 35 to 37 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • The other option is to place trees in a trench.
  • Delve trench in a shaded, ensured put. Change profundity to fit the roots (Figure 2). Keep away from territories with high rats.
Figure 2
Figure 2
  • Cut package strings then spread trees.
  • Water the roots as the trench is being refilled with soil.
  • Water frequently but avoid overwatering.
  • Mulch on the soil will hold dampness.
  • When the trees have started developing, it is best not to expel them from the soil bed until the accompanying spring season.


It is important to not to leave bales open to the sun and air. Amid planting tasks, take out a couple of groups of trees at once. Cover the others and keep them cool and sodden until the point when they are required. Be mindful to abstain from harming the terminal buds.

Forest Planting

By Hand

Figure 3
Figure 3
  • Carry seedlings in a container half-brimming with water or wet greenery. Try not to enable seedling roots to end up dry. Avoid storing the trees with their underlying foundations in water.
  • On the areas which are still not ready, scalp or skin of the turf there and weeds from a spot 18 crawls in breadth at the place where the individual tree has to be planted.
Figure 4
Figure 4
  • Focus or side-opening techniques for hand planting appear in Figure 3.
  • Cut technique for planting with a grubbing tool appears in Figure 4.
  • Cut strategy for planting with a tree planting bar appears in Figure 5.
  • Burrow gap to fit root setting.
  • Set at same depth trees where developed in the nursery.
  • Fill gap half loaded with soil and pack well.
  • Complete the process of filling the gap and pack with feet.
Figure 5
Figure 5

By Machine

  • Utilize a three-or-four-man team. One individual pursues the machine to rectify and pack ineffectively planted trees. Another keeps seedling secured, isolated, and prepared to stack into planting machine plate.
  • Trees in embedding plate ought to be kept secured consistently with wet burlap or wet greenery. This is critical.
  • On the off chance that roots are presented to the sun and wind, the trees might be dead before they are planted.
  • Run the machine sufficiently profound to enable the roots to hang down straight in planting cut.

Average profundity is 8 to 10 inches. On the off chance that soil is excessively rough or difficult to allow machine planting, plant by hand.

  • Set seedlings at same profundity or just somewhat more profound than they developed in the nursery seedbed.


Care of Forest Tree Planting

Animals harm trees, all things considered, so keep domesticated animals out of your estates.

Shield trees from the flame. Furrow or circle a fire break if required, and keep up it amid the fire season.

Forestall rank development of weeds and grass on great soils by developing, utilizing legitimate synthetic substances, disking, cutting, or hoeing as frequently as vital for the initial a few years. On poor soils, a light development of vegetation, for example, broomsedge or ragweed gives some assurance and might be advantageous.

Review plantations routinely for proof of assaults by creepy crawlies or ailment.

Treatment, for the most part, isn’t important for evergreens except if genuine supplement insufficiencies exist. Hardwood (deciduous) trees now and again advantage from fertilization. Ripeness needs ought to be controlled by a soil test or foliar examination.

To abstain from harming seedling roots, don’t have any significant chemical specifically in the planting root openings.

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