Creating Your Own Tree Watering System

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Tree Watering System


Water is the substance that helps our trees survive. Over 50% of a tree’s weight comes from water.
Like humans, trees need water for hydration and proper function.

Water helps trees stay disease and insect free. It helps with photosynthesis, and it helps promote growth.

For your tree to get the maximum benefits from water, you need to make sure the water can reach the tree’s roots. Water on the surface will not be enough. To properly water your tree, you will need a watering system.

Why create a tree watering system?

When you water a tree with a regular hose, the water often travels to other locations in your yard or just bubbles up around the base of the tree. This means the deep roots are still not receiving any water, which defeats the purpose of watering the tree.

The watering system helps the water reach the deep roots in the soil. That way, you get to treat the roots you see and the ones you don’t’ see.

The benefit of a watering system is clear: it allows you to get to all the roots of the tree without wasting any water.

The Bucket Watering System

The tools needed to create this system are a 5-gallon bucket and a drill (or hammer and nail) to puncture the bucket.

1. Put a half-inch hole close to the outer edge of the bucket’s bottom.
2. The bucket should be situated on the tree’s drip line, which is directly below the canopy’s furthest reach.
3. Fill the entire bucket with water and let the water drain into the soil.
4. As soon as the bucket is empty, place it on the other side of the tree (about halfway around) and repeat steps 2 and 3. For those wanting to cut down on watering time, you can use two buckets at the same time.
5. That’s all! If done 2 to 3 times a week during the hot weather, your tree will stay well hydrated with 20 to 30 gallons of water.

Tree Watering System
The Bucket Watering System
Tree Watering System
The Bucket Watering System

Use Tree I.V. Watering System

Watering Bag Water System

The tools needed for this system are a 20-to-30-gallon garbage bag, quick-connect adapters (one male and one female), a piece of hose (between 2 to 4 feet), and a needle.

1. Make a tiny hole that will allow the female quick-connect to fit snuggly without any gaps.
2. You can either cut or buy a piece of hose that is between 2 to 4 feet in length.
3. Connect the hose to the male quick-connect. Then, connect the male and female connectors inside the bag
4. Make a knot on the end of the garbage bag. Attach your main water hose to the female quick-connect so the bag can be filled. Don’t burst the bag by overfilling it.
5. Use the needle to make tiny holes in the bottom of the bag.
6. Let the water drain out the bag and seep into the ground. This can be done weekly during hot weather or times of drought.

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