Best Fruit Trees for Your Secret Garden

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Maxim Panych


Fruit trees


Having your own flourishing garden with best fruit trees is an exquisite delight. It is not a dream… every day you will find your fruit trees growing, smelling fresh and making you happy with your personal healthy delicious fruits.

You will see with your own eyes, how fruit is growing up each day, which is a magnificent miracle of nature. One might get scared of the difficulty of cultivation process, but it is not that complicated, as it might seem. We have prepared a short overview, which will help you to create your secret garden fast and easy! Check it out!

How to Plant Fruit Trees

Find the best place. Before planting your tree, choose the best place according to tree specifics. Some trees need sun all day long, others require lots of water. To make your tree flourishing, get to know what conditions are perfect in every single case.

Open space with sun. Usually most fruit trees like sunny places with open space.

Use bigger containers. If you are growing trees in containers, better use bigger ones, because of bigger soil volume. It is better for the tree root system.

Make a garden plan. Some fruit trees like to grow with certain trees, making cooperation. For this reason, it is important to plan your garden structure beforehand. For example, lemon tree like to grow with a plum tree. Some fruit trees like to grow with cactus nearby! Be sure to make research and plan your future paradise garden accordingly.

How to Water Fruit Trees

Watering is rather an easy process, though it has some peculiarities as well.

  1. Water newly planted trees more often

If you have just planted a tree, you need to water it rather often to ensure it gets adapted faster.

  1. Give as much water as needed

Each tree is individual, and one should water a particular tree as much as needed. Some trees require lots of water, while others are ok with very little amounts.

  1. Water trees twice a day

It is better to water trees escaping direct sunlight, in the early morning and in the late evening.

  1. Check out the soil

If you have just started to work with trees, be careful not to water them too much. Check out the soil, so it would not be too wet. If the soil is wet, don’t water it until it gets dry enough.

Best Time to Plant Fruit Trees

Choosing a fruit tree, one should consider climate and soil peculiarities. Speaking about bare-root trees on should plant them when the tree is dormant. In West Coast, Southwestern and Southern parts these trees can be planted in late fall/winter/early spring. Considering colder zones, like Midwest, it is better to plan such trees in late spring.

If we speak about potted fruit trees one can easily plant them all year round if your climate is mild, or in spring or summer is climate is severe.

Choose a fruit tree according to your climate zones.

Basically, these are all our tips for now! We hope, they will help you to make up your mind and start your own tiny (or huge) fruit garden!

How to Fertilize Fruit Trees

Fertilizing is important especially for newly planted trees to make them adapted faster and grow better, also it is an important action to be performed in spring. In other cases, one should carefully decide, what type of fertilizer to use and when. Here is a list of the best fertilizer for fruit trees, which have macro and micronutrients:

  • Organic, high nitrogen fertilizer
  • Specially formulated fertilizers
  • Special tree compost

A soil test can help to understand what minerals are missing, so you can add them manually and see, how it affects the tree.

Fruit Tree Fertilizing
Gardener applying insecticidal fertilizer for fruit apples and protects against fungus, aphids and pests using sprayer

How and When to Prune Fruit Trees

As specialists say, one should prune fruit trees depending on his own goals and tree type. One should remember these common features:

  • Clean up

Cut off all dead or damaged wood when necessary.

  • Prune diseased fruit trees

Such type of fruit trees you can easily prune at any time of the year. In winter, it is easier to do, as the branches are bare.

  • Prepare for spring

Spring is a busy time for our trees! Make a small “hair cut”, taking off odd, old branches, so they will not take extra vitamins for their growth. You should leave healthy branches, which will continue growing and help the tree be beautiful.

How to Take Care of Fruit Tree During Winter

Winter in each climate zone is different, but there are some common features one should perform in order to keep the tree safe. They are these:

  • Maintain good tree upkeep all year round
  • Carry out tree inspection
  • Prune tree accordingly
  • Make a layer of mulch under the tree

These are a few easy features, which will help your garden to survive winter.

Top 5 Best Trees аor Your Garden in California

California has mild climate perfect for practically for any type of fruit tree, these are few examples of the top selected trees:

  1. Grapefruit
  2. Orange
  3. Oroblanco (Sweetie)
  4. Lemon
  5. Fig

Top 5 fruit trees for pots

If you are thinking to grow fruit trees in pots, you can check out these trees, as they are ideal for pots:

  1. Apple
  2. Grapes
  3. Peach
  4. Star Fruit
  5. Pomegranate bonsai tree

List of fruit trees with pictures

Check out our variations of beautiful gardens and fruit trees. You can make everything on your own, just use a bit of imagination

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