5 Useful Tips on How To Mow Your Lawn

Maxim Panych

Maxim Panych


Lawn Mowing Tips


Having a beautiful lawn in your property can be extremely beneficial. However, acquiring a beautiful lawn isn´t exactly a walk in the park. You need to maintain it properly. 

Here are 5 useful lawn mowing tips and tricks.

Tip 1: How to mow a lawn professionally?

When mowing your lawn, it is essential to alternate your mowing route. That´s because lawns that are mowed in the same direction every time usually develop unsightly stripes that can potentially grow back irregularly. Now, if you don´t want to create such unruly patterns, you should alternate your mowing route. Mow across the lawn the first time and then perpendicular to the direction the next time.  

Your lawn mower won`t start? We know what to do!

Tip 2: When is the best time to mow?

Well, the best time to mow is as early as possible. If you want the best cut, we would advise you to mow in mid to late morning, when the temperature is cool but the morning dew has dried off.

When the best time of day to mow your lawn?

! By the way, do you know hat is lawn care schedule or lawn care calendar? To keep your grass healthy, it is significantly important to follow through with the appropriate maintenance. Following a schedule with each step laid out at the appropriate season will help to remedy potential turf problems, treat and prevent weeds, pests, and more. Find your grass type and climate zone here and keep your lawn looking its best by working on it all year round!

Cool Season Lawn Care Schedule
Warm Season Lawn Care Schedule

Tip 3: Don´t rush through the process!

When mowing your lawn, you shouldn´t attempt to rush through the process. Speed mowing can cause you to miss some spots. If you are mowing in a wide-open area, you should stay in control by keeping your mower on a medium speed setting. During corners and when you trim borders for a close cut, you should throttle down to lower speeds.

Tip 4: How to cut grass properly?

For the perfect cut, the general rule of thumb implies that you should adhere to the one-third rule. This means that you should never remove more than one-third of the grass blade at one time. Going too low can potentially damage your lawn. The ideal grass length is between 2 and 5 cm. Grass that has been cut the right height encourages a deeper root system and helps prevent the weeds from invading.

Tip 5: Try to mow on dry days!

Although this may not always be possible or easy in countries that experience heavy downpour all the time, it is always better to mow on dry days than on wet days. Mowing the lawn when the grass is wet can cause the clippings to smother the mower´s blade.

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