Why Choose Our Tree Services?

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Chop Doc is the leading tree removal service in the USA and works in a number of different areas to help you achieve the best lawn and yard care possible.

Аt Chop Doc, we specialize in tree service so you don’t have to:

At ChopDoc there is no job that is too large or too small for us. We have the experience and the quality to ensure a satisfactory result every single time, no matter how comprehensive a job you need us to complete.


With a team that is fully trained and fully equipped with over 30 years of experience and all the tools and the know-how to tackle the tallest tree, or the most stubborn stump, you can feel confident that when the job is done you will have a garden worth boasting about and won’t be able to wait to tell your friends.

chopoc.com tree trimming services


Chop Doc strives to be effective, professional and friendly with all of our customers to provide them with the best service possible, and you can be our next client by just picking up the phone and giving us a call!


Tree Removal Costs – check our competitive prices!

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